Monday, June 30, 2008

Heavy storm like never before

June 2008, we will remember it as rainy month, especially few days of heavy storm like nobody remembers. It was raining 4 days together. It started raining one night … actually it started with heavy storm and wind. We got in one hour more than 50mm of rain (see photo from my home weather station) what basically means 50 liters per 1 square meter, after 2,5 hours raining my rain meter showed already 100 mm of rain (100 liters per square meter). Some ground floors in the neighborhood were flooded and mud was flowing in streams through the valley (see photo). Water was everywhere and we were wet all over saving things in neighborhood. Do you think it is because of climate change, can we expect more of extreme weather? I think it is time to prepare for extreme weather conditions.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micro Hydrogen Power Plant with Fuel Cell and Solar Energy

Hydrogen will be probably used in the future as a most common source of energy for running cars, producing electricity and for other purposes. Fuel cell technology, which is used to produce electricity from hydrogen, is still developing and we can expect it to be ready in a few years. Very important “hydrogen issue” is how to produce the hydrogen from water or gases– if we will use fossil fuels to produce hydrogen, pollution and CO2 production will go on … it’s not O.K. I think solar and wind energy is a good alternative and should be used for producing hydrogen.

You know me… there is no action without real green action. I have bought micro experimental Power plant (see Photo) with Fuel Cell and Solar Panel. The Power Plant is capable of producing hydrogen from water and sun energy. After hydrogen is produced and stored it is capable of producing electricity from stored hydrogen. I’m still assembling this experimental set … I will publish results on my blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Collecting Wastepaper for Kindergarten

Our local kindergarten has initiated an action for collecting wastepaper. I can see at least two benefits of this action: 1. Kids will learn how important is to collect wastepaper and to recycle, 2. Kindergarten will get some money for new toys and learning materials. And there was also my little contribution… I have collected about 100kilograms of waste paper for kindergarten. Advice for you: Check in your neighborhood if there is a wastepaper collecting action going on … join and be active.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No more snow for us

Climate change is definitely here and I’m quite sure that human activity is tightly connected to it. 15 or 20 years ago when I was a child we have 20 – 50 centimeters of snow each winter and it usually lasted for one month or more (my location is in Eastern Europe). Last 10 to 15 years we almost have no snow at all. Maybe just one week 5 – 10 centimeters and that’s it. No more winter fun for us. If I want to go skiing then I must go at least 500 meter higher in the mountains. Attached photo was taken few days ago, and you can see clear evidence of what I’m saying … yes you are right… there is no snow… you can see primrose in the middle of the winter (picture was taken one week ago).

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Forest is a great system that soaks up CO2 and produces Oxygen. We are producing many CO2 with our cars, lightings, cooking, heating and also breathing. It is calculated that an average tree (calculation based on total life cycle of one tree for the 40 years period) could absorb on average around 20kg/year of CO2. An average human is producing much more CO2/year with his activities than on tree could absorb … 400 to 500 times more per year (cars, heating, cooking, food,…). It is a heavy job to plant 400 trees for just one person, but we could start at the beginning and plant 3 trees and offset some carbon emissions right now. Remember, trees are also good for fresh air, shadows and they are working for us 24hours/day.

  1. ACTION CALL 001: Join me and plant 3 trees. Let’s say one tree is for you, on for your parents and one for your children.

  2. If you have planted 3 trees or more, please add a comment to this post and tell others about your action.

  3. If you can’t perform this action you could easily support this action in other ways.

  4. Would you like to know more about my goal?

Thank you for supporting my anti global warming, anti climate change and anti nature destruction actions.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Peak oil production, when and what to do next

According to some recent studies world oil production will soon reach so called “peak oil production”. This is a point where oil production declines year after year. There are also some strong indications that oil production (world) is already there, near the peak or already after it. At the moment I’m reading two reports about this, one is from International Energy Agency and another from Energy Watch Group. They are contra dictionary. The first one is quite optimistic and one could understand that we should not worry too much about oil until 2030. Second one is reporting that it is possible we have already reached peak oil production and oil production will decline until 2020 and even more decline until 2030. So… what to believe? I think it is not a question of belief, we should act like we are 100% that we will run out of oil until 2020. Act green and stay in touch.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So What am I doing here? I WANT TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE AND NATURE DESTRUCTION DERIVED FROM MANKIND ACTIVITIES. I WILL MAKE THIS GOAL REAL USING THE INTERNET. I know, I know... you might say it sounds impossible and stupid, but I believe this is possible. Some scientists say that global warming and climate change is a natural process. Ok I believe that's true, but I also believe that humankind is contributing a lot in this change and is speeding up the process. I know I can't stop natural earth process of climate change, but I believe we all together can stop those mankind activities contributing and speeding up the climate change. I will launch many actions towards my goal on the internet and in the real world in next few years. Everything will be published on the internet. No, I will not discuss with politicians, I will not go to streets and show posters against big businesses and oil companies, I will not write long posts about climate change how bad it is, I will not have long debates about this hot issue … no this is not my goal… MY GOAL IS TO TAKE REAL ACTIONS AND TO SAVE THE EARTH FOR OUR ANCESTORS AND TO ACOMODATE TO INEVITABLE CHANGES. I think it is time to change our minds and our thinking… we are consumers, we ordinary people have the real power to make a choice and decide (read more in my post what is my belief – Money rules the world). If you see just a little hope in this idea, just a weak light at the end of the tunnel, then please support my activities with your actions here. We can reach the goal and win together. So decide and stay in touch, support my actions with your actions – se how.